Party FAQs

Party Package FAQ’s

Our party package is built for 11 guests. The birthday boy/girl + 10 friends.


Included your package:

  • 11 activity wristbands for ONE activity area of your choice (jump, climb, or play)
  • 45 Minutes in one of our themed rooms or on one of our decks.
  • FOOD… two “16 pizzas with up to two toppings of your choice, two pitchers of soda of your choice, and a cupcake for each guest!

If you party will need more than what is included, don’t worry this is just the baseline for your party. You can add more guests, another activity, or additional food! Visit our add-ons tab for more information.


1 hour on the trampolines + 45 minutes in the party room + Check in time = 2.5 hours


1 hour climbing + 45 minutes in the party room + Check in time = 2.5 hours


2 hours in the playground + 45 minutes in the party room + Check in time = 3.5 hours

(PLAY Parties include an optional second hour for free in the playground.  This is for the playground only, and this second hour PLAY pass cannot be used in other areas.)

When you and your guests arrive for check in 20 minutes before the time of your party, we will help you at a party check-in station. You will be given a wagon and a cart for gifts, shoes, and other party things. Then, once your guests are checked in and have activity wristbands on, it will be time for your activity! After your activity, it will be time to eat in your party room. If you are only doing one activity, your party will be over. If you have purchased additional activities, your party can move to the next area for even more fun! Don’t worry, you can bring your cart and wagon with you when you leave the room.

To reserve your passes and time in the private themed party room, we take a $100 deposit that goes towards the price of your party at the time of booking.  After your party, we will help you check out and pay the remaining balance including any add-ons you choose to add at the time of your party. The total price of the party package is $300 + tax & add-ons.

No, the $100 deposit is non-refundable.

No problem! Additional guests can be added to your party for $20 per guest.

When you add an additional guest to your party, included is ONE activity pass, a seat at the party table, and a cupcake!

**Additional food is not included and must be purchased separately.

No problem! When you buy the party package, you are purchasing 11 activity passes. You can choose how you would like to use the passes. For example, if you only have 6 guests,  5 guests could use two passes each to do two activities and you would only need to purchase one more additional activity pass.

Don’t worry!  If you think you will have additional guests above the 11 included in your package price, just let us know when you send in your guest list. More names are better than not enough when it comes to making sure your party check-in goes smoothly. No pressure, we will only charge you for the additional guests who actually arrive.

Many parties come with guests of all ages and want to split the passes into different groups. It’s up to you what you do with the 11 passes included in your party package!

No, just like our regular admission, adults can watch for free. However, if the adults would like to participate in the activity, they will need to purchase a pass. You can choose if you want to pay for the adults, or just send them to the front counter to purchase their own regular pass.

Yes, but only if the time you would like to change to is not already booked. If you know that you need to change something about your party, we recommend you let us ASAP to increase the chances of your desired changes being available.

No worries! The 45 minutes is your max time in the room. If the guests are done eating and want to go out and play before, let them play!

I booked a party on one of the decks, is it private?

Nope. Your party gets a table reserved for your party guests. We will have the table set up with a tablecloth, and all of the paper products you need for your guests. Adults attending your party, other Lava Island customers, and maybe even another party can use the surrounding tables. If you want a private party experience, book your party in one of our private party rooms or call for exclusive deck bookings.

We will help you get your party checked in, set up your party room, deliver the food, and clean up the room when you are done. If you would like additional service you may add a Dedicated Party Host to your party for your time in the room/on the deck for $25 and we will assign one of our staff members to be your personal assistant.

Add On FAQ’s

Most parties discover that after 45 minutes, the kids are just excited about going to play or do an additional activity. We provide a cart and a wagon that can be taken with you to activity areas to transport all of your party things (shoes, party favors, pizza boxes, cake, etc…) However, an additional hour is $100 if you want more time in the themed room.

** can only be purchased if there is not another party already booked in the room after your first hour.

Awesome! Most parties do. It works like this: you have one activity included in your package and the second activity can be added to your party for $10 per guest. This price for additional activities is the same for the first 11 guests and the same for any additional guests you have added to your party.

Facility FAQ’s

No, only the party room is private. We reserve your passes and your activity time is guaranteed. However, during the activity portion of your party, there will be other parties and other Lava Island customers using the equipment as well.

Of course! Regular tickets can be purchased online or at the front desk. Some parties like to pay for siblings as part of the party and some don’t. It’s totally up to you!

No, you don’t have to purchase socks. However, if you are going to be participating in an activity, socks are required. Jump socks are included in your jump pass, and you can wear your own socks in the playground. If you or your guests forget to bring socks, they can be purchased for $3 at the front desk or added to your party tab.

Balloons are great, so are themed napkins. Banners, tape, confetti, silly string, glitter, piñatas… these are not great and are not allowed at Lava Island. If you bring any of these things to your party, you will be a charged $150 fee.

One more tip, the party room tables are themed to match the room and most parties do not end up using their own tablecloth, but you can bring one if you want.

No way! Well, if you would like to bring your own themed paper products, go head.. but we provide everything you need: plates, cups, forks, and napkins.

Food FAQ’s

You’ll be glad you asked this before spending money on outside food. We have a no outside food and drink policy. The exception to this policy is if you have a birthday party booked, you may bring a birthday cake.

Whenever you’re ready! Take a look at our menu and fill out the order form! It’s a work in progress right now. Call us at 720-449-7557 or email with questions.

We have gluten-free pizza options and we are a peanut-free kitchen. We also have salads, gluten-free bread, and other options. Call us at 720-449-7557 or email with questions.

If you have a party booked, we do allow you to bring a cake. If you do NOT have a party booked, we charge a $50 cake fee.

Party Prep FAQ’s

Make sure to let the parents of your guests know that each guest must have a waiver signed before adventuring at Lava Island. The waiver can be signed at at their convenience before the day of the party!

Included in your confirmation email will be a link to the Guest List Form. Please fill this form out at least 3 business days before your party.

Currently, we do not. However, on your invitation you can include a link to our website: where they can sign the waiver!

If your guests do not fill out a waiver before arriving, they will still need to sign one when they arrive. This delays your party check in time and your guests have to wait to play until the waiver has been signed. If your guests are unable to sign the waiver before arriving, we do have waiver stations available for when they arrive.

When you tell your guests to fill out a waiver and send us the guest list, we can check in our system and verify that everyone has a waiver signed before you even arrive! Then, when your party is checking in, it only takes a moment to give each guest their wristband and let them play! Without the guest list, the check-in process can take up to 40 minutes… instead of 10.


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