Tips for Planning a Kids Party in Colorado

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Let’s face it – there’s no shortage of awe-inspiring activities for kids in Colorado. Some of the most thrilling mountains in the world are a short drive away, every major sports league has a team here, there are tons of parks and playgrounds, and the people of the Centennial State are pretty fantastic, too.

So how do you make your son’s or daughter’s birthday party stand out and leave them beaming with pride on the their special day?

Here are some tips that might help when you start planning your next big kids party in Colorado:


They say of you don’t like the weather in Colorado, wait 30 minutes. But what if your son’s birthday party is only 2 hours long? The best way to avoid getting caught in a blizzard, a rain storm and everything in between is to find a fun, open indoor area where the kids can still run wild, but are protected from the elements…whatever they might be.


Colorado kids get more than enough screen time these days. So swap arcades and other digital gaming options for party activities involving more “Active Play.” Center your child’s birthday bash around activities that let the kids run, climb, jump, slide and explore. Not only will the children be more social and get some exercise, they’ll be happy and tired at the end of the big day. 


It’s often said that you should invite the same number of birthday party guests as the birthday boy’s or girl’s age. But, as you know, no set rule works for every child. Some kids like smaller groups consisting of only their closest friends. While others want to invite the entire class so no one gets left out or has their feelings hurt. Find what works best for your kid AND your budget. Some tips for being selective without being exclusionary are:

– Make it an all boys / girls party

– Only invite siblings, cousins and BFFs

– Keep it to non-classmates


Now we’re not suggesting you replace the cake with kale, but the meal you serve doesn’t have to be loaded with empty calories either. Not only will serving healthier food give the children good energy and reduce meltdowns, it’ll make the birthday treats taste that much sweeter.


Not every girl is a princess and not every boy loves Legos. You know your little one better than anyone on the planet, so use this knowledge to choose the perfect theme and carry that through from the invite to the goody bag.

Luckily, certain destinations make this easy to do. For example, Geronimo Park’s Lava Island (LINK TO HOMEPAGE) in Aurora offers 8 themed rooms including Jungle/Island, Ice Cave/Ice Palace, Princess/Castle Courtyard, Lego-Inspired City, Good Guys / Bad Guys, Space Adventure, Underwater, and MO & GLO – the park’s mascots.


If your child’s birthday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, choosing which day to throw their party is easy. Or is it? Ask yourself can grandma come? Is your son’s or daughter’s best friend available? Shoot these special guests a text before you choose an invite design or book a space.


The age of the birthday boy or girl can have a big impact on what time of day to throw your child’s party. If the kid-of-honor is on the younger side (5 or below) it’s a good idea to have the party before or after nap hours, which usually take place between 1 -3pm.

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