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It's almost party time! Take a minute now to submit the names of your party guests.

Your guest list must be submitted at least 2 days before your party. If needed, last-minute RSVPs and changes to your guest list can be made when you check-in. 

No. For example, if you are planning on 6 additional people beyond what is included in your Party Package, but only have 4 additional people attend…you will not be charged for the 2 people who were on your list but did not show up.  If you have fewer people than what is included in the Party Package, the price does not change.

If you do not fill out the guest list, you will be required to write each of your guests’ names while they stand there and wait. This will significantly increase their check-in time and may cut into your active play time.

If you have invited more than 26 people, submit another form with the rest of your list.

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First & last names

Include the names of each person you have invited to attend your party.

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